What makes HIDES stand out is the quality of leather products available

What makes HIDES stand out is the quality of leather products available

About HIDES Canada

Full Grain Leather Products

HIDES is an independently owned Canadian Leather brand, based out of Toronto, Ontario. Offering a wide range of leather products, Hides firmly stands for providing an exceptional customer experience in combination with high-quality products. A family business that started with two brothers has made exponential progress in the past two years, providing consistency and quality to end users. Established in 2015, with its first retail location in Mississauga, ON, Hides has been situated in a position to be able to observe the market and provide suitable products, meeting the needs of end users. After seeing success in its retail store, Hides introduced its online store shortly after, during the summer of 2015.


Our Products

What makes Hides stand out is the quality of leather products available. The best hardware in the world (originating in Italy) is utilized to create these products. The leather used at HIDES is very special in nature, as it comes from the region of Punjab in the subcontinent and Northern Kashmir. The animals in this part of the world are free to roam the vast natural meadows. This also means that the animals are exposed to a wide range of climates with temperatures fluctuating from -10 degrees Celsius to well above 30 degrees in the winter and summer months respectively. These conditions allow the animals’ skins to become thicker and extremely adaptable to their surroundings. As a result, the hides produced are of incomparable high-quality full-grain leather, which matures with grace over its lifetime.

All products at HIDES are made of full grain leather due to its thick pull-up leather attributes. Full grain leather, as most might say, is best known for its rugged and thick appearance. This allows for an extremely durable and long-lasting final product that is able to withstand daily wear and tear while providing an exceptional luxury experience.


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide you with an exceptional customer experience, along with a leather product that exceeds your expectations.

The experienced design team at Hides takes extensive measures to observe market trends, needs, as well as fashion updates to stay current with the existing and future customer. The inventory at Hides can cover a wide range of products and styles, including the traditional and timeless pieces, to bold and stylish trends. Hides goes as far as providing the option to custom design your product, catering to your personal and creative needs. At Hides, we will ensure all your needs are met and you are genuinely happy with your experience, whether that entails a purchase or just gathering information!

Our Vision

At HIDES, we are committed to bridge the gap between man and nature in all of its leather making processes, allowing you easy access to specialty skins.

We make sure that our full grain leather products are not only Eco-friendly but can last you a lifetime! We want to ensure that we, at Hides, continue to serve our customer according to their needs and our efforts are consistently dedicated to exceeding expectations. We understand that accessing high-quality leather can not only be difficult but can often be a misleading experience. We want to extend and share our knowledge with the market, so they are able to make a qualified and educated decision.