About HIDES Canada

Full Grain Leather Products

HIDES is an independently owned Canadian Leather brand, based out of Toronto, Ontario. Started out by two brothers as a side project turned business, the company is leaving its marks in the highly competitive leather industry.

The leather used at HIDES is very special in nature, as it comes from the region of Punjab in the subcontinent and Northern Kashmir. The animals in these parts of the world are free to roam the vast natural meadows, and are continually exposed to harsh climates with temperatures ranging from -10 degrees Celsius to well above 30 degrees in the winter and summer months respectively. These extreme conditions make the animals’ skins thicker and extremely adaptable to their surroundings which as a result, produces amazing leather, which is not only water and dust proof, but it also gets even better with age. This form of leather is known to be Full Grain Leather.

All products at HIDES are made of full grain leather due to its thick pull-up leather attributes. Full grain leather as most might say, is best known for its rugged and thick appearance. Most of the products offered at HIDES, you will notice how not every leather hide used is the same. This gives a very unique feel to each and every bag or a wallet which is manufactured, as not even a single item can be duplicated. The nature of the leather can be identified on the products through random markings on the leather. These markings are natural scar marks which the animal has acquired through its lifetime on its hide.

HIDES doesn’t only offers products with a masculine look to them, but has also added a few trendy, more casual designs to their pieces. Every product made is handcrafted to perfection by one of the world’s best leather craftsmen. After years of wear, the leather will start to have a distressed look to it and becomes more flexible, yet maintaining its protective nature.

At HIDES we are committed to bridge the gap between man and nature in all of its leather making processes by making sure that our full grain leather products are not only Eco-friendly, but can last you a lifetime!