Where to start when buying a leather jacket

A leather jackets is a versatile and fashionable addition to any wardrobe. It compliments a wide variety of styles, from casual to couture, and if is well taken care of, a leather jacket will last forever. Choosing the right leather jacket can be difficult. Fit is vital when choosing a coat, especially considering that it will last you at least ten years. Picking a style and leather that you love, yet is classic enough to be worn for years to come, tends to be a significant hurdle when there are so many options available. The staff at HIDES Canada are happy to guide you through this process, and help you find the leather jacket that meets your needs and your budget.

When shopping for a leather jacket, the sheer amount of styles can be overwhelming. Matching versatility, with something that you love, can be a challenge, especially depending on your personal style. Taking stock of your daily life, career, and the kind of events that you attend is a good place to start. For instance, a biker leather jacket is sleek and trendy. This type of coat is great around town and worn casually, but can be harder to dress up – especially in a professional setting. Longer belted leather jackets and trench coats, on the other hand, are great for work, but in a casual setting they have the potential to make you appear overdressed. Flap jackets and bomber jackets fall somewhere in the middle. They are trendy and can be dressed down, but as long as they do not have too many embellishments, they are appropriate for a professional setting. Personal style is always important, and our clothing is a way of visually communicating who we are. When investing so much money into a leather jacket, however, it is crucial that you take stock of factors outside yourself and find a good balance between style and needs.

Fit is just as important as style. A leather jacket that fits well should not feel restrictive and the leather should not strain. When selecting a tighter fitting jacket, one rule to follow is the “finger rule”. You should be able to fit a couple of fingers between your body and the leather jacket. If the jacket is any tighter, then you will have trouble moving around and going about your day. Length is also important, in both the sleeves and the hem. Sleeves should come down to the wrists, not ride up higher or drape lower. If this is the case, the leather jacket you have selected may be the wrong size, or could need alterations. Where the hem should fall depends a lot on the jacket. Biker jackets should hit somewhere around the waist, while longer jackets and trench coats should hit lower. The staff at HIDES Canada are happy to help you with finding the right fit for such an important garment.

The next thing that you need to decide on is the type and colour of the leather. Most leather jackets are made out of cowhide or sheepskin, and these leathers have very different properties. Cowhide is thicker and sturdier than sheepskin. It can be broken in so that it is softer and more pliable, but it retains its ruggedness. Sheepskin is much softer leather, and is also more lightweight and comfortable. It is less sturdy than cowhide though, and more prone to tears. Both are good options, it depends much more on what kind of activities you do and what you will be putting your leather jacket through. Leather also comes in a multitude of colours, the most popular being black or brown; blue, red, grey, and green are also relatively normal colours to find. Black and brown are classics, and pair well with any outfit, but bolder choices can be statement pieces and add drama to leather jackets that are plainer in their styling.

Before going out to buy a leather jacket, one thing you have to do is set a budget. Doing a bit of research will help you know what the price point is for leather jackets, and will let you establish a budget before heading to the store. Good leather jackets are an investment, but like a good suit or pair of shoes, they are worth the money that is put into them, due to their durability and universal look. The friendly staff at HIDES Canada want you to find the leather jacket that suits your personality, style, and price point, and keeping these things in mind, will help you make a fashion decision that, with appropriate care, can last you a lifetime.

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