The Military Duffle Bag: Then & Now

Before we dive in to the specifics of our full grain leather Military Duffle Bag, perhaps it would be beneficial to take a ride through the history of time, to understand the duffle and how it has transitioned overtime. Hides Canada takes pride in paying acknowledgement to the history and character attached to the military duffle bag.


A duffle is generally known as a relatively large, cylindrical bag, historically with a top closure, usually with a zipper or drawstring. With its first appearance in the mid-17th century, the duffle bag has made quite the international impact, as it was accepted by many different countries around the world, who often created their own spin-off versions.

The name “duffle” originates from a town in Belgium, where the cloth utilized to create this bag, was originally made. The primary use of the duffle was introduced in 1943, during WWII. The military supplied duffle bags to recruits of the army, navy, marines, coast guard and air force; for the purpose of carrying issued items. After the war ended, duffle bags made their way into the hearts of many across the world, through the shores of east-coast America, Australia and Europe, carried by naval forces.

These duffle bags were handed down and sold at local stores, and aggressively adopted by North American culture, specifically California and Australian culture, for surfers who carried beach goodies in the duffle bag. Today, the duffle bag has proved to survive the test of time, and maintains its integrity as a durable, effective and stylish way of carrying various different items. The U.S military has upheld the use of duffle bags over the years, and still issue military duffle bags to recruits.


At Hides Canada, our Military Duffle Bag, designed exclusively in Canada, showcases design that is inspired by the original duffle bags carried by the armed forces during WWII. As many other countries and cultures created their own variations over-time, we tend to focus on the original style, while investing efforts in providing premium quality to our customers. While the original military duffle bags were designed for durability and the canvas was produced using hard-wearing fabrics of the time, we have re-introduced the same flawless style in high quality luxury leather. The leather used to create this military duffle bag is at the top of the leather classification hierarchy, also known as full grain distressed leather, that preserves its quality for a lifetime.

As the original design indicates, our military duffle bags are also equipped with a leather carrying handle and an adjustable and removable shoulder strap that extends from end to end, completing the look with a snap hook. The signature top closure is folded atop the duffle, and snap hook is clicked into place, to seal the bag shut, for a fine and simple look.

With the guarantee to last a lifetime, our military duffle bag is a true tribute to those who have served in the armed forces. As a fashion staple all around the world, our timeless military duffle bag is an authentic reflection of the combination of durability and luxury fashion, in one modest and classy product; that not only you will enjoy, but those around you will be sure to notice.


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