All about Locks ‘ n ‘ Stitches !

One thing which travelling has taught me, is all about safety. Safety not only of yourself, but also of your belongings. Quite often we have those amazing bags, which can hold our bulky camera, a phone, a diary, a few files and alot more stuff which we might happen to cram in; but after a few uses, we realize that the locking mechanism isn’t as sturdy as it once was. What happens most of the time is either the stitching, around the actual lock itself, comes loose or the metal mechanism becomes to hard to handle.

Leather buckles

We here at HIDES have worked our way around this issue. We have incorporated a 2-way locking system, which has a snap and a buckle lock with it. Once these locks were placed in, not only it looks classy (with only the buckle showing), but it also has a very old school look to it by using the buckle only. We have taken great care when it comes to stitching (using double stitches), to eliminate the issue of loose threading and wear and tear along the edges. The thread size used is of 207, which is needed when working with leather as thick as we have to bring you the best quality 100% leather products.

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