Leather Tech Tote

It is often said that women’s fashion changes like the weather; no sooner than a hairstyle or fashion accessory becomes the rage on runways across the globe, something new comes along and the game changes in a matter of weeks. Any self-respecting woman takes care of herself fashion-wise; the easiest way to do that is to focus on style staples & standards – one of which is the tote bag.

The Tech Tote is right up there with timeless women’s fashion pieces such as the little black dress, red lipstick and high heels. It is a 100%-handcrafted leather work of art that not only boasts a luxurious, premium feel, but also impresses with its practicality and intricately clever design. Yet, a tote bag – no matter how fashionable – is still a bag, and serves to house items and accessories that every woman holds dear. The Tech Tote does the job marvelously, thanks to its adjustable design.

Like numerous other products on our site, it comes with completely free shipping and a lifetime warranty, which means that not only does it arrive at your doorstep free of charge, but is also guaranteed to serve your specific needs regardless of the occasions it is destined for. Be it a night out with the girls, a romantic weekend getaway with a loved one or a casual everyday capacity, the Tech Tote is both stylish enough to complement your good looks and resilient enough to withstand weather and wear & tear.

Completely designed in Canada, the manufacturing process includes absolutely zero synthetic materials and zero cardboard; in other words, only the finest, most durable and premium full grain distressed leather is utilized in its making. As a result, the Tech Tote is a product worthy of not just your respect, but your hard-earned money as well.

The design features large, roomy compartments ideal for on-the-go accessories, books, files and even clothes. Similarly, it also includes smaller compartments perfect for things like your keys, smartphone and wallet. Perhaps the most interesting detail when it comes to the interior of the Tech Tote is the padded laptop sleeve, which can fit up to 15-inch laptops. A modern, contemporary woman is not only concerned with her looks – she also knows the value of adaptability; something the clever laptop sleeve plays perfectly into, as it allows you to carry around your tech companion without worrying about its protection or availability.

Moreover, the internal intricacies of the Tech Tote also encompass an internal zipper compartment for any additional accessories you don’t feel comfortable simply slipping into your bag. The shoulder straps are both adjustable and removable; this means you’re not only able to play around with the length in order to get the perfect fit, but also change the straps completely for any maintenance or if you’re simply not happy with them for any reason.

Lastly, the Tech Tote also boasts two side zippers that allow it to expand and create even more room on the inside, should you need the extra real estate to store any bulky items. There are also feet on the bottom of the bag placed there for the purpose of avoiding any scuffing to the underside; in other words, if you don’t have a need for it momentarily, you can simply place it somewhere nearby and admire its design and simplicity while feeling lucky about the fact that such a leather artwork found its way around your shoulder. Because, life is all about the little things – regardless of whether they’re a luxurious, yet affordable tote bag hanging around your side or the fashion treasures hidden within it.

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