Collection: Gloves

Why allow your hands to get uncomfortably cold when it’s easy to keep them warm, toasty, and styled? Get yourself a pair or two of leather gloves from Hides and quickly put a stop to hiding your hands in your pocket.

Conscious Approach to Artisanal Leatherwork

Designed with keen attention to detail, our gloves feature silhouettes that don’t compromise form over function.  We’ve made sure they’ll mode perfectly onto your hands. Our gloves are 100% handcrafted using the finest types of leather, too, so they’re extra soft and comfortable to wear. You’ll find unlined pairs that offer better grip and luxurious pairs lined with cashmere for that sense of richness and extra warmth.

Made by designer artisans, our leather gloves for men and women have the perfect combination of craftsmanship, tradition, and innovation. We’ve carefully thought of the stitching, lining, cuffs, vents, and all the other style details to bring you pairs that are both functional and fashionable.

Premium Leather Gloves for Men and Women

Are leather gloves worth it? They sure are. There is nothing like the luxurious look they show. There is nothing like their soft and supple texture. Truly, there is nothing like leather.

A pair of leather gloves, be it driving gloves or winter gloves, has an extraordinary quality. Hides’ Leather Gloves for Men are practical and straightforward yet they’re capable of elevating the appeal of any outfit. Our breathable leather gloves for women are equally impressive, too. Offered in classic black, neutral tan, warm brown, and chic red, Hides’ ladies’ leather gloves are so versatile you can easily pair them with casual or formal attire.

Leather Gloves to Work on Touchscreens

Aside from ensuring durability, style, and perfect fit, we’ve made sure our gloves fit the needs of modern times. Fitted with a touchscreen-compatible fingertip, you no longer have to remove your gloves to use your smartphone. Stay connected and stylish even in the coldest weather with our leather touchscreen gloves with conductive tip on the forefinger.

Ready to get yourself a new pair? Checkout our full selection of leather gloves offered in different sizes. Every pair is light, packable, of excellent quality and value. Because these are all made by hand, no two pairs will look alike. Each pair will be as unique as your need. Get a pair of Hides Leather Gloves and see what it’s like to wear gloves with a little more flair.