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A belt’s supporting role (both the literal and the figurative) should not be underestimated. This structured accessory does more than hold your pants up.

You see, belts can take your go-to looks up a notch. They’ll pull outfits together. Wrapped around your waist, consider a belt a style reinforcement that will frame your jeans or trousers and complete your look.

Empty belt loops are a waste. Wear a belt. And get a well-made one. Hides Canada offers plenty of them.


  • Classic Leather Dress Belt - Black
    Classic Leather Dress Belt - Black Regular price $72.00
  • Classic Leather Dress Belt - Brown
    Classic Leather Dress Belt - Brown Regular price $72.00
  • Leather Money Belt - 1.5in
    Regular price $72.00 $60.00
    • Single-Stitch Leather Belt - Black
      Single-Stitch Leather Belt - Black Regular price $72.00
    • Single-Stitch Leather Belt - Brown
      Single-Stitch Leather Belt - Brown Regular price $72.00
    • Single-Stitch Leather Belt - Tan
      Single-Stitch Leather Belt - Tan Regular price $72.00
    • Single-Stitch Leather Belt - Burgundy
      Single-Stitch Leather Belt - Burgundy Regular price $72.00
    • Single-Stitch Leather Belt - Blue
      Single-Stitch Leather Belt - Blue Regular price $72.00
    • Single-Stitch Leather Belt - Grey
      Single-Stitch Leather Belt - Grey Regular price $72.00

    The best belts out there are made from vegetable-tanned full-grain leather, just like what you’ll find here at Hides. Our men’s belts are made from sturdy full-grain hide. That’s the highest grade of leather and it only gets better with time. And because full-grain leather is extremely durable and strong, Hides’ belts will surely last longer than your current pants size.

    As premium as our leather choice is the hardware that we use. Sophisticatedly designed, our belts are fitted with top-quality brass or nickel buckles so they’ll look ageless even after years of use.

    You’re free to equip your wardrobe with a belt-long selection of waist accessories but make sure you have a casual belt and a dress belt.

     Casual belts are perfect for adding more of your personality to your outfits. These may come with buckles of unusual material, shape, or size. The strap width of casual belts is typically between 1.5 and 1.75 inches. The wider ones are considered more casual. Heavily textured belts are also categorized as casual. Perfect with chinos, denims, and bottoms of heavier fabrics, casual belts can bring contrast and character to outfits.

    Dress belts, on the other hand, are formal belts. These are typically thin, soft, sleek and made of leather. The buckles are usually flat, simple, and straightforward. Dress belts come with 1 to 1.5 inch strap width. Leather is the only suitable material for these formal belts. You’ll find dress belts made from alligator, crocodile, lizard, ostrich skin, or cowhide. The most hardwearing and most good-looking is of course one made from full-grain leather.

    When wearing a belt, consider if you want it to become an accent piece or a centerpiece. Casual belts tend to be more suitable centerpieces while dress belts work best as subtle, low-key complements to your whole outfit.

    Buying a belt for someone? Hides’ Full-Grain Leather Belts are a good choice. Add an extra touch of thoughtfulness to your gift by having the recipient’s name engraved. Our personalization service allows you to have initials or short text inscribed in the leather strap.

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