"Crafted with precision, to be passed down generations"

Welcome, HIDES Family

Welcome to Hides, where we pride ourselves on being a family-run and operated business.

Our journey started with a simple idea – to find practical, timeless, and high-quality leather products that truly embodied the spirit and heritage of Canada. However, we soon realized that most of the brands available in the market were mass-produced, lacked quality, and there was a general misconception about genuine leather being the epitome of quality.

Determined to fill this gap in the market, we introduced our vegetable-tanned full-grain leather, which not only embodied our values of sustainability and ethical sourcing but also aged beautifully with its owner. We committed ourselves to using only the best materials and traditional techniques in our handcrafting process, ensuring that every product we sold was practical, timeless, and of the highest quality.

From our humble beginnings crafting leather products from our home, we have now expanded our operations. But despite our growth, we remain committed to the same values and principles that inspired us from the very beginning.

HIDES, more than just a word!

At Hides, each leather product is still made with care by hand, by world-class artisans who bring years of experience and craftsmanship to every piece they create. We take pride in inspecting every product before it's shipped to you, ensuring that each piece meets our high standards for quality and durability.

Our passion for creating full grain leather pieces that stand the test of time is reflected in our commitment to heirloom quality. We believe that our leather gear is not just an accessory, but an investment that you can pass on to your children and grandchildren.

Thank you for choosing us for your leather needs. We look forward to serving you and continuing to uphold the traditions and heritage of Canada through our products.

Handcrafted by Artisans Worldwide

The leather used at Hides is very special in nature, as it comes from the region of Punjab in the subcontinent and Northern Kashmir. The animals in this part of the world are free to roam the vast natural meadows. This also means that the animals are exposed to a wide range of climates with temperatures fluctuating from -10 degrees Celsius to well above 30 degrees. These conditions allow the animals’ skins to become thicker and extremely adaptable to their surroundings. As a result, the hides produced are of incomparable high-quality full-grain leather, which matures with grace over its lifetime.

Although we design and draw inspiration for our leather goods in Toronto, Ontario, we proudly partner with world class artisans from Canada to Pakistan who share our passion and adhere to the highest ethical and quality standards when creating Hides Leather products.