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The Best Ways to Identify Real Leather

Sometimes it’s difficult to identify leather products in determining what is qualified as real and what’s synthetic. It’s disappointing to spend your money on a coat that claimed to be real leather when in reality it was a well-made product produced using synthetic...

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How to Choose the Best Leather for Your Bag

We’re curious, how do you go about buying your leather bags? When asked, several individuals suggested making selections based on the price, the storage, the colour or the size. What if we tell you that the most important feature is often overlooked? The...

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How to Care for Your Leather Wear

Leather is a unique material that has been around for decades and will continue to be around for countless more. Believe it or not, a good piece of leather is meant to last you a lifetime. It is a classic and timeless material that’s also tough, stylish and durable....

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Leather Jacket – 4 Do’s & Don’ts

Leather jackets are a statement piece in any wardrobe. It is an addition to the wardrobe that brings class, style and rich characteristics, in one unique package. Because this product is so popular and is worn by users of all ages and various interests, we at Hides...

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